Power Flush


We are experts in carrying out Chemical Power Flushing. Power flushing is not something to be undertaken lightly. Done casually or without experience of having done it before, power flushing can have results that are useless at best, and catastrophically damaging at worst.  Our team has the experience and the intelligence to do right for you.

Power flushing is a process whereby all pipes and radiators are powerfully cleaned by a mixture of water and chemicals, at a carefully controlled high velocity but low pressure so as to avoid damage to the system to clear the entire system of sludge, rust, lime-scale and other debris. This protects the life of the boiler and avoids other longer-term more costly problems.

Gas & Plumbing Solutions Ltd provides a first-class professional chemical power flushing service with competitive upfront fixed pricing and with no hidden charges as we are transparent to customers.

Chemical power flushing is also something that many unscrupulous plumbers recommend to their customers without it being necessary or likely to produce the desired results. If our experts think you need it we will tell you why and guarantee the outcome with results.

Call us now to discuss whether power flushing is right for you and for a free estimate.

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