Boiler Repairs Are Not Easy?

For the most part this is true for most civilians who are not trained. However boiler repairs to us are very easy.

Few things are as tiresome and frustrating as having an unreliable boiler. Though they are designed to be as efficient, hard-working and as long lasting, even the most robust boiler will eventually degrade over time.


The symptoms may be varied:

  • Losing pressure
  • Not producing the right heat
  • Intermittently breaking down
  • Pilot light constantly failing
  • Mysterious worrying noises or worse – smells
  • But the cause and diagnosis are the same
  • Your boiler needs some Tender Loving Care

We have a 24-hour emergency call-out repair service, with 99% of all boilers being diagnosed and repaired the same day. We are committed to excellence which ensures people keep coming back to us for all their boiler needs. Clients include; home owners, landlords, estate agents, property developers, small business owners, construction contractors, local authorities and national bodies.

Replacing a boiler can become a big expense which the team at Gas & Plumbing Solutions Ltd understand very well. Unlike many other plumbing companies we will never try to up sell you a new boiler, when we can simply give your existing one a new lease of life. This is one of the major areas were we strive in, our motto is why replace when we can repair your boiler?

Where others may have disappointed, we will succeed in taking care of all your boiler needs.

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